Anuj Modi
About Me

I am a student an Northeastern University studying Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Operations and a minor in Mathematics. My interests within security include Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Red Teaming, Adversary Emulation, Penetration Testing, Operating System Security, Network Security, Cryptography, and more.

I am currently working at The MITRE Corporation as a Cybersecurity co-op. I am developing a tool to manipulate network packets using the Netfilter library in C.


Nush - A simple shell program written in C. Supports many basic shell features such as &&, ||, &, |, <, and >.

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Resume - My current resume written in LaTeX.

Github link coming soon.

Nufs - A FUSE Filesystem written in C. Supports creating files, creating subdirectories, and moving files into these subdirectories.

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Personal Website - The website you are currently looking at! Written using a W3 Schools template, CSS, and HTML.

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An Open Call for Security and Privacy Researchers to Resist Back Doors - A research based proposal which urges Security and Privacy professionals to becore more active in the legal battle against law enforcement back doors.

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Open Letter to Millennials to fight against Law Enforcement Back Doors - An open letter to Millennials educating them on encryption, back doors, and what makes back doors so dangerous. The letter goes on to encourage the audience to reach out to their representation about the back door issue in order to help drive change.

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